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If the infrastructures of some mountains truly show their age, the cleanliness of the installations of Mont Rigaud can mislead you in thinking that the history of the ski resort is much younger. Who would have thought that Mont Rigaud, with its very young look, would have such a long history? In fact, the story began in 1962 when a group of local businessmen from Rigaud laid the foundations for the ski resort with the installation of a first "Poma Lift".

They operated the ski resort up until the down times of the ski industry, namely in 1978. They then closed down the ski resort and 8 years would go by before the operations were relaunched.

A non-profit organization was created, once again by local business people, who took over the reins for two seasons. The relaunch being assured, the assets were sold to a local businessman in 1988.

In 2001, two families from Rigaud bought into shares of the company and invested more than $1 million dollars to improve on the quality of the installations and the operations as well as to develop summer activities.

In 2009, Luc Elie, then General Manager, was pleased to announce the acquisition of Mont Rigaud. Wishing to keep a family atmosphere about the business, he decided to take on the challenge, in partnership with his spouse, Karine Labbé, with a wealth of more than 12 years of experience in the tourism industry. We can say that Luc Elie was on true familiar grounds since he had been involved with the company for fourteen years and had accumulated just as many years in the ski industry.

Over the years, their common passion for alpine skiing, combined with their respective fields of expertise, undeniably ensure the success of a favorable transition to the profitability and the growth of the business.

Mont Rigaud is one of the prides of the regional tourism industry. The resort includes a ski area of over 188 acres, a ski school which is well renowned in the industry, more than 15 kilometers of mountain bike trails and a summer day camp.

During high season, Mont Rigaud employs more than 200 employees.