Pro repair shop Mont Rigaud

2 December 2020

If you take good care of your equipment, it will last longer, and you will be safer! Get the most out of your equipment!

At the beginning of each season, you should wax and sharpen your skis or snowboard. This is also the time to repair imperfections and the grooves on your equipment. Sharpened edges grip the snow better during turns.

You should also take advantage of this opportunity to have your bindings adjusted: they are the guardians of your safety. Remember to bring your boots, as the technician will need them in order to adjust your bindings, and remember to mention your skill level, weight, and height.

These services ($) are available at Mont Rigaud, every day between 9am and 4pm, by certified technicians.

Pro Repair Shop Mont Rigaud Rates
Tune up (sharpening, waxing and binding adjustments) $39
Binding installation $26
Waxing only $25
Binding adjustment $5

Taxes are included in our prices.