3 January 2020

Dear skiers and snowboarders,


Here is a reminder of the procedures to follow on the first day of lessons:


Each student will meet his instructor in front of the sign of his category, posted outside near the chalet.

NOTE: Please refer to the level of lessons written on the Ski School receipt.

The student card will be given by the instructor in charge of each group on the first day of lessons. It must worn et visible at all times on the child's jacket.


The 8 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS PROGRAMS will start on SATURDAY, JANUARY 11, 2020 and SUNDAY, JANUARY 12, 2020 at the hour mentionned on the Ski School receipt.


To take possession of the season pass offered exclusively to students enrolled in a 8 consecutive weeks program, please present yourself with the student at customer service in order to get his picture taken. Rates = $73 (3 to 5 years old) and $203 (6 years old and +).


Please take note that a $25 fee will be charged for any cancellation or changes. No refund or credit will be granted in case of absence, regardless of the reason. The Ski School reserves the right to change the schedule or cancel a course.


If a lesson is cancelled for bad weather reasons, an alert will appear on the home page and news section of our web site, on our official Facebook page and our phone system will have a specific message on that effect. Please make these verifications BEFORE coming to the ski resort.


Have a great season!


Charles Jolicoeur-Cote

Ski School Director